mega build lab uses engineering expertise and design thinking to create powerful custom software products for our clients. We work with you to better understand and identify your needs and the results you are looking for. Do you need a booking system? Or a data integration to move your business data between your existing business software? Whatever it is, we can work with you to build something that makes your business more efficient, or to build a product for you to sell.

Using an Agile methodology, we collaborate together to build your custom software, maintaining constant communication and visibility and using empirical feedback to adjust the build as needed.

Understanding your high level business goals is the first step on our process. Through a series of questionnaires, interviews and exercises, our team makes sure we cover as much detail as possible so we can align the production of your custom software with your business outcomes.

Through this step we determine the best platform, technology stack, start to define the technical architecture of your custom software. Our team works with you to identify measurable performance indicators for your software, and creates a list of features to be implemented during the development stage.

Project Strategy, Requirements Gathering and Business Analysis


Before any code is written, the mega build lab team works with you to create prototypes and tools that help refine the user experience. We then design beautiful interfaces that are attractive and usable. We understand that the success of your custom software not only depends on its functionality, but also on how easy it is to use as well as how good it looks.

UX and UI Design


Once the designs and requirements are in place, our team works to build your custom software so it is scalable, robust, and reliable.

We test your custom software for bugs, make sure any required dependencies and infrastructure are running well. All this to make sure that when the time comes, your software solution runs solid and bug free.

Software Build



Once your custom software, mega build lab works with you to watch and understand key performance indicators. We look at usage, performance and crash analytics to identify how your software can be improved. We review how your custom software is performing for your users and for your business, and work with you to optimize it for maximum performance.


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