At mega build lab, we provide you with advanced technology and software development strategy expertise to help you make the right business decisions. Software development, including mobile app development, can be expensive, so we help you efficiently build your custom software in alignment with your business goals. Founded by technology pioneer Jay Pozo, we always have our fingers in the latest technology and software development pie. We can help build your new ideas using the most cutting-edge methods.

mega build lab is a technology-driven software development company that is committed to excellence and innovation. Technology innovation and business success are part of our core values. We work on custom software, mobile apps and more. We’ve built everything from websites, to chat bots. We’ve even built a few robots.

The future is now. The future is yours to create. We help you build the future you want.


Our Software Development Process:

Requirements Gathering

Your business goals are the main reason for any new software build, whether it’s an app to sell, a website to promote your business, a mobile app or a custom integration to help make your business more efficient. The requirements gathering step lets our team open a dialog with your business so that we can understand your goals and the features your software will need to attain them.


Design & Build

mega build lab creates a first release of the project as defined within the scope of your project. We use an agile scrum methodology of two-week sprints, which allows us to adjust your build as needed. Early testing can identify missed scope or requirements, and agile methodology is essential for keeping the project on-track. Sprints let us re-prioritize features being built to align with immediate business goals.


Measure & Test

Once the first significant build is complete, we work with you to assess the project based on your key performance indicators.

We benchmark against your business goals to determine whether a revision is required for features. We also fix any bugs as needed to ensure the build is running well. Agile sprints allow us to help ensure that your business is thriving and thriving.



After any necessary revisions, we release your feature. For web apps and custom integrations, we deploy your infrastructure as needed. For mobile development, we can help get your app on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. We also provide enhanced monitoring and maintenance as needed, so you know the software we built you is running smooth. Since business is a cyclical process, a release often results in uncovering new opportunities,



At mega build lab, we recognize that each custom software development, mobile app, marketing strategy, or SEO project can differ slightly. We offer a free 1-hour consultation to learn more about your specific business needs to help determine your business needs.