You deserve best-in-class execution of your vision. You stay at 50,000 feet, and we’ll be your feet on the ground. We develop custom software solutions, mobile apps, websites, and digital marketing programs for your business.


Technology-Driven Digital Marketing

22nd Century Vision. Build Today
Tired of the same old marketing tactics? Take your marketing to the next level by leveraging advanced custom software development techniques.

Custom Software Development

Your Vision. We Build It.
You have a dream for your business. We help you build the next big thing, from mobile apps to ultra-modern web apps.

Mobile App Development

The future is mobile. The future is now.
Whether your business depends on a mobile solution for growth or a mobile app is core to your startup or business offering, we can help. From native to multi-platform using React.js, our team builds mobile apps.

Custom Software Integrations

Maximize Efficiency. We Bridge the Gaps
Build a bridge between your business technologies. Modernize your current software with custom integrations that keep your data in sync.

Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things

The Future is Yours. We Help You Build It.
The new hotness is just a phone call away. Leverage our deep expertise to build the next Mega Unicorn.

Custom Chatbots

Modern Automation. Build for Your Needs
Automate help for your customers, get admin support, or find data with a custom chatbot. We can build your custom chatbot for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Azure, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Custom Business Websites

Better, Faster Websites. Any Platform
Make your website great again. We help you pick the right platform for your business needs, and build it all for you.

Business Cloud Migration

Cut Your Costs. Save Your Team’s Sanity.
Less dev-ops, more time to build. Stop worrying about expensive in-house servers. Get back to what you love – creating the future.

SEO Services

Stop Looking for Customers. Let Customers Find You. Help your customers find you by optimizing your SEO presence. We make content and build links to build a stronger foundation for your website.


Core Values

When choosing a custom software engineering agency, it is vital that they be in alignment with your core values. At Mega Build Lab, we value:

Excellence & Experience

Built on the foundation of nearly 20 years' experience in custom software engineering, design, and marketing, Mega Build Lab is committed to excellence. Your business deserves a strong technical foundation, and we are committed to delivering this for you.


We are driven to be the best, most ethical custom software development company we can be. Mega Build Lab dedicates each day to building affordable, scalable, and genuinely useful software and marketing for high-integrity businesses.


Technology moves quickly, and so do we. With a distributed team around the world, Mega Build Lab works across multiple time zones and locations. Leverage our 24-hour production line of custom software engineering, design, and marketing for your project.

Technology Innovation

Custom software development and marketing moves at a blistering pace of innovation thanks to modern technology. As a team, Mega Build Lab dedicates time to exploring the most cutting-edge new technology innovations, creating a culture of continuous, scientific research and development.

We Help You:

✓ Drive Business Growth
✓ Increase Revenue
✓ Cut Admin Costs
✓ Automate Boring Tasks
✓ Support Your Team

✓ Build Custom Apps
✓ Simplify Your Work Life
✓ Enable Your Team
✓ Optimize Logistics

✓ Find Buried Treasure (Seriously!)
✓ Reduce Maintenance Costs
✓ Capture Customer Touch Points
✓ Create a Digital Strategy

Custom software development is the key to your digital future. Unlock your true potential today.

Your Custom Business Software and Mobile App Development Company

Mega Build Lab is your agile strategic partner, helping you build the future today. We’ve developed software for Nike, Disney, EA, and Telus. Now it’s your turn. Whether it’s apps for hotels, construction, finance, or custom iPhone and Android app development – we can Mega Build it for you.


“Mega Build Lab advised us as we grew our startup. Their knowledge and experience were critical to our progress and their team is super friendly.”

Brian - Kidbooko

“They consistently wrote very clean, bug free, code which is essential for fast paced collaboration. Mega Build Lab is extremely efficient and pays close attention to details.”

Peter - Blast Radius

“Mega Build Lab combines technical expertise with leadership, creativity, and communication.”

Scott - Disney

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